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Sarah Harrington

Sarah Harrington, MSU Lead Group Admin

Sarah lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her husband of many years. She enjoys spending time with her family and early morning walks with her neighbors. Diagnosed with dermatomyositis January 2014, both skin and muscle involvement, she was able to progress to accomplishing her first 5k October 2014.

Sarah now works part-time and is planning an early retirement. Her current title is “IT Architect”, designing applications and business solutions. She wears many hats in her position including team lead and project management.

She is curious about myositis illnesses, having compassion for those who suffer, and an avid cheerleader for wins.

Mary Jane DeLauder

Mary Jane DeLauder, IBM Group Admin

MJ DeLauder was born and raised in Hagerstown MD. After several attempts at obtaining her Nursing degree (interrupted by the birth of her 3 sons and the raising of same), she finally graduated in 1983 in New Jersey with her AA and RN. After several years as a Psych nurse, she moved on to Managed Care for Prudential followed by Occupational nursing at Nabisco.

She was diagnosed with ALS in 1994 after a fall. That was revised (thank you very much) to Polymyositis and later Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis. The progression has been very slow. She and her husband, Dick, retired to Florida in 2001.

She served on The Myositis Association Board of Directors from 2008-2009. She is adamant about keeping her weight down, exercising and maintaining a positive attitude.

MJ and Dick (her husband and full-time Caregiver) have been married for 51 years. They have three sons, three daughters in laws, four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter and a one-year-old black therapy cat named Diva!!. They are very happy with the Florida weather because MJ doesn’t gripe about the boots, and coats and heavy clothing to weigh her down!

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