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Dr. Tae Chung

Dr. Tae Chung, MD


Dr. Tae Hwan Chung is an assistant professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His areas of clinical expertise include neuromuscular disorders and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

With combined training in neuromuscular medicine and in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Chung is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of services, including diagnosis of various neuromuscular conditions, electrodiagnostic procedures, neuromuscular pathology, immune treatments and rehabilitative treatments. Clinically, Dr. Chung is particularly interested in rehabilitative treatments and therapeutic exercise of various neuromuscular diseases, especially myositis and other forms of muscle diseases. Dr. Chung runs a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic under the Myositis Clinic with the Johns Hopkins neuromuscular rehabilitation team, which he helped develop with physical, occupational and speech therapists, who are dedicated to helping patients with rare neuromuscular diseases. For his research, he investigates the effects of aging on the neuromuscular system in collaboration with his mentors in geriatric medicine and neurology.

Dr. Chung is in the NIH-funded phase of RMSTP (Rehabilitation Medicine Scientist Training Program) from AAP (Association of Academic Physiatrists), and was recently awarded with The Richard S. Materson Education Research Fund (ERF) of the Foundation for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Chung earned his M.D. from the Catholic University of Korea. He completed his residency at Johns Hopkins and performed a fellowship in neuromuscular medicine at Johns Hopkins.

Vicky Starr, Medical Advisory MSU

Vicky Starr, RN, IgCN


We are excited to welcome Vicky Starr as a member of our Medical Advisory Committee. We asked Vicky to provide us with her thoughts on being a part of MSU and below is her response.

I believe I can bring empowerment and knowledge to the Myositis community. Being a Registered Nurse for over 29 years and a certified IgCN, I believe I am in an excellent position to help the members of Myositis Support and Understanding in a number of ways.

Being actively involved with this disease for many years, I will work with patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers to ensure they gain the knowledge they need when dealing with a rare disease that often does not get the attention it deserves. I have always put patients first so joining MSU was “in the cards” so to speak as MSU is a patient-centered nonprofit organization that was founded on the principles of education, support, and advocacy with a “Knowledge In Action” attitude.

I will work to empower patients to help them understand so they can make informed decisions while also providing them with information available on the latest treatments. I will work to help patients and their families to make educated decisions about their care.

I will also share fact-based information on exercise, laughter, diet, and medications to optimize the health of the family unit.

I am excited to be a part of this new chapter for Myositis Support and Understanding, and I thank them for nominating me to the committee.

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