Myoween Contest 2016

3 Winners with great prizes including money!

Fill out the form, add your photo(s), process your payment and we will post them on our site's social network and in our groups. Winners chosen by voting. Join in the fun!

Contest runs from Oct. 12th - Nov. 2nd

See some examples above from last year.


We are not talking orange, we are talking GR$$N!



Contest Rules

  • Photos can be of you, your pet, or your pumpkin!
  • Please keep costumes appropriate for the public.
  • Contest ends at midnight, November 2, 2016.
  • Cost is $5 to enter
  • We will post your photos on our website’s social network and in our groups, maybe even our public Facebook page and Twitter with your permission!
  • In order for the prizes, we must have at least 5 people join the contest. Otherwise, prizes may not be awarded

The prizes

Valid only if we receive 5 people entering the contest.

  1. Wins 50% of the money we take in from entry fees via a gift card!
  2. Wins a t-shirt; short or long sleeved.
  3. Wins an MSU product package!

About Voting

We will choose a few people at random to be our judges. Note these people are not eligible to enter and may be volunteers, board members or followers of MSU.

Pay and Upload here

More about the contest

In the 2nd Annual Contest we have added an additional way to join: dress up or carve your pumpkin to submit! Other options include you and/or your pet.

Pay $5 and submit your photo. We will then post it.  Let’s have some fun with this and be creative!

Through this contest you can help other nonprofits by shopping. You can shop at Goodwill, Salvation Army, local recovery thrift stores, and many more. If you decide to order something from Amazon, remember to use and choose Myositis Support and Understanding as your charity to donate to. This doesn’t cost you anything and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase back to us!

See prize information above. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Winners will be notified via email so please add to your contacts/address book to try and prevent the message from entering your spam/junk folder!

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