Inclusion Body Myositis Specialty Clinic at Washington University, St. Louis

We are excited to announce breaking news, with a special thanks to Cure IBM: A new IBM Specialty Clinic has opened at Washington University in St Louis MO and will be headed up by Dr. Conrad “Chris” Weihl, a world renown clinician and researcher in the study of IBM.

Dr. Weihl told MSU yesterday, “I am excited to create a unique clinic space that will enable patient care and facilitate clinical research studies.”

This new specialty clinic for IBM will allow for testing, procedures, physical therapy, and a clinical visit with Dr. Weihl all in the same day. Dr. Weihl will be able to review patient records and muscle biopsy slides ahead of a patient visit, and order any additional genetic testing necessary.

IBM remains an insidious disease, one of the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies that currently has no available treatment options and is often misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed until a later stage in the disease process. This new clinic specifically for those with inclusion body myositis is a groundbreaking step in helping those affected with this rare debilitating, inflammatory and degenerative muscle disease.

Be sure to read the full release from our friends at Cure IBM below:

Release from Cure IBM


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