A wonderful volunteer opportunity for MSU members!

Are YOU the kind of person who loves chatting with others who have myositis? Do you love giving back and helping people feel welcome and no longer alone in their journey? Would you like to be an essential member of a small but fantastic team who helps others find joy and learn more about their disease? Do you want to feel self-empowered?

We here at MSU have a perfect opportunity for you. Yes, YOU!

There is a much-anticipated pleasure when working in a thriving group with fun and like-minded colleagues … and a really satisfied and healing feeling afterward, each day. Volunteering as an moderator for MSU can give this to you FREE!

If you’d love to learn how to add new members, learn to vet new member profiles to ensure we keep our groups filled with myositis patients only, and many other tasks the MSU moderators accomplish daily to ensure our groups are the best including providing inspiration, hope, and laughter, as well as education and constant support. You will be working with other moderators as mentors, so you are never alone.

There are so many intrinsic rewards to be gained from an opportunity such as this and it doesn’t often come around, so don’t miss out! If you need some reassurance we can give you that too. All moderators began at the proverbial ‘square one.’

The only tangible requirement is to have a PC or Laptop.

Come join us on the all-volunteer MSU Team where you will find great camaraderie and even help refocus on a lot of the other things that we tend to get fixated on living with Myositis.

To provide your interest, please fill out the short form below. We have our new Myositis Support Community, in partnership with Inspire, as well as several Facebook support groups.

Use the form below

MSU is widely known for its support groups due to the time we put in to ensure our members feel safe to express themselves and to learn more about their disease. Due to the expansion of our support networks, we are looking for new moderators who are committed to education, support, and privacy and who will help maintain our groups as the best out there.

If you are not yet a member of MSU (our website, not groups), please register today! 

Step 1: Download the Confidentially agreement. Read, sign, and date. You will need this to upload when filling out the form.

Step 2: Fill out the form below and upload the confidentiality agreement in the section provided.

If you do not have a scanner you can skip the upload and email the form to us at info@understandingMyositis.org or mail it to us at:
MSU, 9125 N. Old State Road, Lincoln, DE 19960

Download confidentiality agreement

Submit your interest

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