Myositis Awareness Bundle




The Myositis Awareness Bundle, available for a limited time, includes:

  • 2 MSU Myositis Tumblers
  • 10 MSU Myositis wristbands
  • 10 MSU Myositis pens
  • 20 MSU Myositis Brochures
  • 20 MSU Myositis Information Cards

Get involved by purchasing the Awareness Bundle! Share some of the materials with your family and friends! 

Choose between two wristband sizes, standard and small. Small size is perfect for children and adults with small wrists. If you choose “Both” you will receive 5 large and 5 small.

Wristbands are navy blue and feature the Myositis Support and Understanding logo with “”, on one side and “Empowering the Myositis Community” on the other, promoting our mission and the need for education and understanding. Myositis wristbands are one of many ways we can help promote awareness and start meaningful conversations with others about Myositis, as they remind them we have a muscle disease or know someone who does.

*Images shown do not reflect the quantity you will receive. They are only to show what the products look like. Shipping is included in the U.S. International orders are welcome, however, shipping will be added.

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What you get

2 Everest Tumblers, 10 pens, 5 wristbands, 20 information cards, and 20 MSU brochures

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