Myositis Brochures





You will receive 10 MSU Myositis brochures that include a multitude of information. See the preview image for what is included in our brochure.

These are perfect to hand out to family members, friends, physicians, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals, and even to complete strangers who ask about your illness. They are also great to have at fundraisers you create for MSU.

Can you help by making a small donation to help cover costs of printing and shipping?

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MSU Myositis Brochure
MSU Myositis Brochure

Additional information

What you get

10 MSU Myositis brochures that help educate others about Myositis and MSU.


The brochures are free. However, if you are able, could you make a donation to help cover the costs of printing and shipping?

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