#Mayo4Myo Challenge

Raising Awareness of  Myositis


Why Mayonnaise?

According to Stephen Moore and friends, who started this challenge, #Mayo4Myo was a catchy name and easy to remember.  Then, Mayo, when swallowed by the spoonful, can represent some of uncomfortable and undesirable effects that many of us have to go through on a daily basis living with Myositis. It is really a good way to raise awareness of Myositis.

How to do the challenge?

  1. Create a video of you eating a spoonful of Mayo adding some wording so that others know where to donate (SupportMyositis.org/donate) and then challenge your friends and family on the video and in your video post by tagging them.
  2. If you upload your video to YouTube , we are able share it on all of our social networks to help raise even more awareness.
  3. If you don’t have a YouTube account, it is easy to create one or you can simply post your video on your FB wall with the hashtag below.
  4. When you post your video, include #Mayo4Myo so we can track how well we are reaching our goals.
  5. Be sure to share your video on all of your social networks!

Other information

If you challenge someone and they decline, they donate to MSU as this challenge benefits Myositis Support and Understanding Association, Inc.

Remember, the more you share and challenge others, the more awareness and donations will be generated! Donations are tax-deductible as we are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit!

Make a donation in lieu of the challenge

You can make a donation in lieu of taking the challenge. Visit our Donation page using the button below:

Rather not eat Mayo4Myo?You can donate instead!

Some Mayo4Myo Videos

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