Files and Downloads for Myositis Patients

The MSU team has taken a great deal of time in creating and finding helpful resources that are now available for download.

Myositis Flyer

Myositis Flyer perfect to hand out to friends, family members, and healthcare professionals.

Suggested Resources

Great resources for new patients, as well as family members and friends. Download and save for future reference.

Myositis Medications

Print and keep track of the medications you are on. A great resource to take with you to your doctor appointments.

Myositis and Fatigue

Myositis Awareness Info Graphics

Download the set of 2015 Myositis Awareness information graphics that you can easily share on your social networking sites to help others better recognize and understand Myositis.

It starts with education and awareness. Each graphic focuses on one educational piece about Myositis that is helpful for others to know to better understanding what patients experience living with Myositis.

Download and share these today!

Download the .zip fileSave, Share, Educate

IBM-specific downloads

Resources specifically for IBM patients and caregivers., including the IBM Functional Rating Scale.

About Prednisone

Learn more about one of the most common drugs used in the treatment of Myositis, Prednisone.

Letter to Normals

A letter to ‘normals’ explaining what it is like living with a chronic illness. A great tool for families of Myositis patients.

IVIG Information

A resource for information about IVIG. Contains external links to sites with more information.

14 Ways to Avoid getting screwed over by your health

This document contains excellent tips on taking care of yourself and ways to ensure you communicate with your doctor.

Tips for finding the right doctor

Some tips to help you find the right doctor to diagnose and treat Myositis. Using our support groups is a great start!

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