Myositis Empower Walk, Virtual and In-Person

Everyone can join us for this year’s Myositis Empower Walk, Saturday, September 19th, from 10:30 AM – 12 PM Pacific Time (1:30 PM – 3 PM Eastern Time). We can ALL be a part of this event, no matter where you are, in loving memory of Robert “Bob” Landman. And, join us Sunday, September 20th, for a Watch Party and to share your Empower Walk moments.

Patient Financial Assistance

Living with myositis is hard enough. We are here to help with our Myositis Patient Financial Assitance Program. We cover certain emergency household expenses, medical bills, and mobility and assistive devices. Program is available to U.S. residents. See full details available in our help guide.

Donate Plasma

Plasma donations are down 40% since the lockdown, and without an increase in plasma donors there could be a shortage of IG (IVIG, SCIG) used to treat myositis and many other diseases. Learn more, find a plasma donation center, and invite your family and friends to donate and join the #ItsMyTurn campaign.

Myositis Support
Myositis Programs
Explore Myositis
Myositis Video Library

Watch recordings of our expert-led myositis educational videos to learn more about the various types of myositis and other myositis-related topics and patient opportunities. New videos just added!

COVID-19 and Myositis Resources

We have put together a list of trusted resources for COVID-19 including an update to our plans at MSU to pause business as usual and focus solely on supporting our fellow patients and caregivers in this frightening time.

Upcoming Myositis Video Events

2nd Annual Myositis Empower Walk

Join The Landman Family together with MSU for the 2nd Annual Myositis Empower Walk, in loving memory of Robert “Bob” Landman, in person or virtually, Saturday, September 19, 2020. Be a part of this special event no matter where you are in the world!

See Details and Join us

September 2020, Take Action

Join us for a month-long Myositis Awareness campaign, honoring September 21st as National Myositis Awareness Day, with a focus on advocacy and action. The Time for Waiting for Over. We urge you to get involved and take action today.

Take action with patient opportunities from our partners and sponsors, by joining the Myositis Empower Walk, no matter where you are, and by hosting an online fundraiser with your own personal page, or create, or join a fundraising team. Take action and register for upcoming webinars. Take action by sharing your life with myositis, which can help family members, friends, and the public to better understand myositis, and for fellow patients to see they are not alone. Take action by informing your doctor of MSU and ask if they will provide our information to new patients so patients and caregivers can immediately get the support they deserve. And, yes, Take Action is many other ways!

We can all do something, no matter how big or small, that makes an impact in moving the myositis community forward. We invite you to start now, together with us. Let’s do this.

September 2020 AwarenessTake Action

Are you living with myositis?

Patient Opportunities

There are many empowering opportunities for myositis patients. Get involved, advocate and educate, and be a part of traditional and unique patient-focused medical research, and more!

What is myositis?Take Action

Myositis News and Updates

Pain Is Not a Four-Letter Word

This introduction to pain management will cover what chronic pain is and isn’t, different types of pain and their importance, one theory of how chronic pain develops, the basics of how pain management works, and realistic expectations for various treatment approaches.

Myositis Support and Understanding (MSU) announces the formation of its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

MSU’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee’s goal is to amplify more wide-ranging voices, while increasing MSU’s ability to serve the needs of our diverse, multicultural, and multi-abled myositis community!

Exercise in Place: Part 3

Watch to learn about safety, from fall prevention to the response for myositis patients and caregivers. Includes demonstrations and helpful resources and references.

Caregivers make it all possible!

Our myositis caregivers give and give, and they need support, encouragement, and resources to help.

We have put together some tips, articles, videos, and resources we believe will help you as a member of your loved one’s healthcare team.

2020 MSU Sponsors

We thank the generous sponsors of MSU and #MyositisLIFE. Learn more about our sponsors below.

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