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2024 Theme: Support Starts Here

Support starts here at MSU

As we approach May, Myositis Awareness Month, we hope you will join our campaign, Support Starts Here. Myositis Awareness Month will be a time dedicated to raising awareness about this rare and often misunderstood autoimmune disease. Myositis affects not only those diagnosed but also their loved ones, who play a crucial role in their journey toward healing and acceptance.

This year, we’re reaching out to our community to rally support and care for individuals living with myositis and their families. Your participation can make a significant difference in their lives, offering love, understanding, and meaningful assistance.

Click the GIVE button below to learn even more about getting involved. If not you or me, then who will step up to continue helping to fund our organization with a donation as little as $5-$10. Let’s make Awareness Month this year a CELEBRATION of achievements in Myositis and HONOR those suffering or who have lost their lives to this awful disease. We pull together, as a community, to make decisions. Invest in our future by getting involved.

Share your journey on our blog

#MyositisLIFE – Your voice needs to be heard

One way to increase awareness of what it is like to live with myositis is to share your experiences living with myositis and tell your story! We invite you to share your story at You can talk about living with symptoms, your medications or side effects, or your diagnosis journey. You can tell an inspirational story about when you found happiness in spite of myositis, really, anything you want to share about your journey will help others understand what it is like to live with myositis and increase awareness.

Share your experiences in an article, in photos, or in a video. Or, incorporate them all!

Visit, register for your account, and then get started!

Myositis Life website, patient and caregiver experiences
I have a rare muscle disease, myositis

Share, Share, Share!

We are providing various images and content you can share

This year’s MSU social media campaign has three main parts to help our members and others understand the work MSU does on behalf of patients and what we can do as patients, care partners, and other community members to make our lives better. Increasing awareness improves the lives of patients in so many ways medically, emotionally, and in relationships! One of the best ways to reach the public is to share MSU’s posts!

Download the Share images to use (.zip)

“The Grieving Project” by award-winning artist, Lisa Sniderman, Aoede, is a new inventive, unique spoken word audiobook intended to speak to and empower those of us with chronic illness, loved ones and caretakers to grieve our losses from illness, and inspire us to thrive. Lisa, who is living with dermatomyositis, is donating 50% of the sales of this album to MSU. Learn more about the project. It is available now on Audible.

Upcoming Webinars & Events

Providing free easy-to-access and understand education about idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (myositis) and related topics, this year with a focus on bringing forth the patient and caregiver voices.

Myositis Patients, Take Action!

The time for waiting is over.

NOW is the time to get involved and to take action.

Now is the time for you, as someone living with myositis, to raise your voice, to be heard, and to take action. Whether you participate in a survey, join a registry, enroll in a clinical trial, donate plasma, educate others, or take part in any number of other things, you can take charge today and contribute to accelerating myositis research and expanding outreach and advocacy.

Ways to promote Myositis Awareness

Promoting Awareness of Myositis can be as simple as talking to your family members and friends about your experiences, ways they can help support patient-centered myositis nonprofits like MSU, and ways they can learn more and get involved.

There are other ways you can help make an even larger impact. Utilizing some of the ideas below can help spread the word to a larger audience. We are happy to help you in any way we can.  Contact us and let us know what you need to make your awareness promotion and fundraising event a success.

Facebook cover images

To download, simply click on the image, then right-click and choose “save as” or “save image as.” Each browser will word it differently. Then, visit your Facebook profile and add it as your cover image.

Twitter cover images

To download, simply click on the image, then right-click and choose “save as” or “save image as.” Each browser will word it differently. Then, visit your Twitter profile and add it as your cover image.

  • Contact the health or community reporter your local TV station

    Contact your local TV station or community reporter to go on a local TV show and tell your myositis story. Make it personal to your experiences with myositis and include a very brief explanation about myositis, the importance of awareness, and a little about MSU. We are happy to help you with wording. Just contact us!

  • Contact your local newspaper to run an awareness article

    Contact a local reporter and request they write an article about Myositis Awareness Month that includes your personal experience with myositis and a little about MSU and how we help Empower the Myositis Community. Contact us for help with wording.

  • Send a letter to the editor of print and online newspaper

    Write and share your myositis story and include some information about MSU, which can be found in the Awareness Toolkit, or contact us for help with wording.

    Submit to several local print and online publications. Be sure to check their guidelines prior to submission.

  • Reach out to local and state government officials

    An important way to help promote awareness and understanding is to ensure those who make policies affecting our care are well-educated about myositis and how it impacts our lives.

    Contact your local, state, and federal officials to schedule a meeting. Share your personal myositis story along with how they can contact MSU for more information.

    Order information cards and brochures to provide them with during your meeting.

    Find your elected officials
  • Organize virtual workplace gathering

    In just 30 minutes, you can start off your colleagues’ day by organizing a simple breakfast of bagels/muffins and juice, have a brown bag luncheon, or another creative virtual idea.

    Set up a video conference and enjoy a lunch and learn where you can educate your co-workers about myositis and how it affects you personally, and tell them about why you support MSU and ask if they will make a donation to help empower the myositis community.

  • Virtual House Party

    A virtual house party is an online event using video conferencing. Invite people you know and organize a featured event during this time, like watching movies, playing games, holding contests, or other creative ideas. During this, talk to your participants about myositis and how it affects your life, and share information about MSU and ways they can support the work we are doing.

  • Share your content with hashtags, #MyositisLIFE

    When posting to social networking sites, utilize the some of the below hashtags to build upon community-wide myositis awareness content. Learn more about using hashtags in social content.

    #MyositisAwareness, #MyositisWarrior, #TheStruggleIsReal, #MyositisLIFE.

  • Request Myositis Awareness Month Proclamations

    Request a proclamation from your Governor and/or Mayor of your City.

    Below you will find a download for the proclamation guide and a list of web links for each State, making the request process easier this year.

    The proclamation sample wording and list of State contacts are also available in the Awareness Toolkit.

    Download Proclamation Guide Download State Web Resources

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Then, customize the image and wording to make it personal to you. Once ready, complete and start sharing. Share your fundraiser, with updates. often.

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As a nonprofit, we rely on donations for the work we do.

We hope you will make a contribution. We appreciate your support!

Donate for Awareness Month

Donate by check

If you would like to make your donation by mailing a check, please make your check payable to MSU and mail to:

9125 N. Old State Road,
Lincoln, DE 19960

If you would like to make the donation in honor of or in memory of your loved one, please include a note with the information.

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