Mission and Vision - Myositis Support and Understanding

The MSU Mission and Vision

Myositis Support and Understanding (MSU)

Empowering the Myositis Community

The MSU Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives and empower those fighting Myositis through education, support, awareness, advocacy, and access to research.

We are a patient-centered organization that provides:

  • Independent, interactive online platforms that educate and connect patients, caregivers and family members with each other and with healthcare professionals.
  • Educational resources for patients, families and the healthcare community.
  • Need-based financial support for medical-related expenses.
  • Information-based advocacy with all levels of policy-makers, insurance companies and other medical services and their decision-makers.
  • Innovations in research and treatments through clinical trial matching and by contributing a portion of our donations when possible.

The MSU Vision

Our vision is to create a world where patients, caregivers, and providers have better knowledge, support, and understanding of Myositis.

Empowering the Myositis Community

Through education, support, awareness, advocacy, and access to research, we empower the myositis community.

MSU Nonprofit Approval

View the MSU nonprofit approval letter from 2015. Our nonprofit filing was a community-wide effort and we thank all who were involved.

Nonprofit Approval (PDF)

The MSU Bylaws

As a nonprofit that is committed to full transparency, we invite you to read our Bylaws that govern the operations and Board of Directors for MSU.

View Bylaws (PDF)

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