Downloads for IBM

Files and Downloads for Inclusion Body Myositis patients and caregivers

About IBM Flyer

Educational Inclusion body myositis flyer for patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

IBM Best Practices

Some best practices and tips from patients living with Inclusion Body Myositis, and their caregivers.

Explaining Myositis

Useful for patients to explain various aspects of myositis to family members and friends.

IBM Home Exercises

A resource for home exercises for IBM patients.

Putty Exercises

Several putty exercises demonstrated.

Tongue and Swallow Exercises

Some helpful tongue and swallow exercises.

Find a physical therapist in your area

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Locate a physical therapist in your area by using the online locator provided by the American Physical Therapy Association. Narrow your search to find a physical therapist who specializes in neurology.

Inclusion body myositis is a rare muscle disease

sIBM - Did you know?

Sporadic Inclusion body myositis (sIBM) is the most common form of myopathy in people over age 50. But don’t get confused by the word “common.” sIBM is a rare and complicated muscle disease, both inflammatory and degenerative.

Learn more about promoting awareness of sIBM. It starts with education. We have put together a ton of educational and informational graphics you can share on your social networking sites to help not only spread awareness but also better understanding.

See Awareness ResourcesSave, Share, Educate

Check out these helpful Pinterest Boards

Disability/Accessibility Pinterest Board

Disability and Accessibility pins such as adaptive equipment, mobility devices, and other great ideas for those with disabilities or accessibility needs.

sIBM Pinterest Board

Pins, ideas, products, and more for those with sIBM, including power chairs, wheelchairs, and other mobility devices, as well as education and caregiver ideas.

IBM Functional Scale (PDF)

For IBM patients and caregivers. Track the progression of your inclusion body myositis.

IBM Functional Scale (XLS)

For IBM patients and caregivers. Track your IBM progression on Excel. Courtesy of Jerry King.

Using the IBM-FRS

For IBM patients and caregivers. Track your IBM progression on Excel. Courtesy of Jerry King.

LiftSeat Whitepaper

Mention MSU to get a special offer on Liftseat.

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