Join us for the Myositis Empower Walk LIVE on the MSU Facebook page with active participation! Starting around 1:30 PM Eastern Time. Visit MSU on Facebook!

If you are able to donate, we appreciate your generous support! Donate – Myositis Empower Walk.

Myositis Empower Walk

Join MSU and The Landman Family for the 2nd Annual Myositis Empower Walk, created in loving memory of Robert “Bob” Landman. This year, the Empower Walk will be in-person (with precautions) and virtual on September 19th, and with an added day of virtual participation on Sunday, September 20th!

There are many ways to get involved this year, including Myositis Empower Walk t-shirts, individual and team Empower Walk fundraising, hosting your own mini-Empower Walk, sharing your Empower Walk moments, and a lot more. Mark your calendars for September 19th and 20th to save the dates.

All donations benefit Myositis Support and Understanding and are used to further our mission, to continue our patient-centered programs and services including our financial assistance program, and to support patient-centered research. We are so grateful to the Landman Family for this event, and for their embrace of our mission.

Myositis Empower Walk 2020

2nd Annual Myositis Empower Walk

Myositis Empower Walk at Discovery Park

Join us on Saturday, September 19, 2020, in-person if you are in the Las Vegas area, or virtually from anywhere, starting at 10:30 AM – 12 PM Pacific Time (1:30 -3 PM Eastern Time). Masks will be required, and provided if you don’t have one. Hand sanitizer will be provided and social distancing is requested for everyone’s safety.

Discovery Park
2011 Paseo Verde Pkwy
Henderson, Nevada 89012

Go LIVE with us on Facebook

If you are not able to attend in person, join us LIVE on Facebook for the 2nd Annual Myositis Empower Walk. You will be able to actively participate so get comfortable and join us.

Make a plan to Participate Virtually

We can all participate in this year’s Myositis Empower Walk! But how?

The Myositis Empower Walk is Saturday, September 19th. If you are not able to attend in person, start planning now for how you can be a part of this amazing event!

Virtually attend and actively participate as we go LIVE on Facebook with The Landman’s to the Myositis Empower Walk in Henderson, NV, starting at 10:30 AM Pacific Time (1:30 PM Eastern Time) on Saturday, September 19th, or join us for a Facebook watch party of the LIVE event also with your virtual participation on Sunday, September 20th.

Host your own mini Empower Walk in your backyard, or even in the house. 

Have your camera’s powered up and ready to go and record and share, or go LIVE on social media on September 19th!

Facebook: Tag Myositis Support and Understanding Public page on Facebook and use the #EmpowerWalk hashtag.
Instagram: Tag MSU (@Myositis), tag the Empower Walk (@MyositisEmpower), and use the #EmpowerWalk hashtag.

Share videos, photos, and stories. 

Wear your Myositis Empower Walk shirt and record your Empowering moment, or a small piece of it, to share. You can dance/move in place, walk, run, swim, bike, skate, tap your fingers, whatever you are able to do, to get moving, and to share your Empower Walk moment. Upload yours at MyositisLIFE.org and/or on social media.

You can do this in a park, at home, on a city street, in a forest, a pool, or a gym, or another location. Be sure to check with the location about any guidelines or permissions required.

Create a Team Fundraiser and have a fundraising contest with your family members and friends. 

Get creative. We are giving you license to use this event to raise the visibility of and to educate about myositis, a group of rare, incurable systemic autoimmune muscle diseases for which there are no FDA-approved therapies, aside from steroids.

You can make a difference! If you have ideas or questions, please contact us.

Dates and Times to Participate Virtually

Myositis Empower Walk Spirit Week

Get motivated to Take Action and be a part of the Myositis Empower Walk with some fun, informative, and positive activities led by The Landman’s, kicking off with LIVE with The Landman’s.

Monday, September 14th, 3 PM Pacific Time (6 PM Eastern Time)

LIVE with The Landman’s

Watch the recording with Jenna and Lauren Landman, creators of the Myositis Empower Walk, in loving memory of their dad, Bob Landman, on our Facebook page.

Tuesday-Friday, September 15th-18th

Join us on our Facebook page.

Share your fundraiser

Be sure your fundraiser is ready, and that you are ready to share a bit of your experience with myositis and MSU and encourage your family members and friends to give; even if they can give $5, it is a tremendous help.

2nd Annual Myositis Empower Walk

Saturday, September 19th, 10:30 AM – 12 PM Pacific Time (1:30 PM – 3 PM Eastern Time)

September 19th is the day of the Myositis Empower Walk!

Join us on the MSU Facebook page as we go LIVE to the Myositis Empower Walk, in Henderson, NV, starting at 10:30 AM Pacific Time (1:30 PM Eastern Time). This is not just a video of the event – the LIVE online video will be hosted by a friend of the Landman’s who will try to get you involved! Let’s hope internet connectivity works in our favor!

    • During the LIVE Facebook video, we will ask you to participate, so keep an eye on the comments. It’s going to be a great time and very interactive!
    • Take Action and share your Myositis Empower Walk Moments on social media or on our MyositisLIFE.org website. Share photos/videos of you moving, walking, running, whether in your home, in a park, swimming in a pool, or just sitting in your favorite chair and tapping your fingers, and a message about your life with myositis and the importance of helping nonprofits like Myositis Support and Understanding (MSU).

Sunday, September 20th, starting at 8:30 AM Pacific Time (11:30 AM Eastern Time)

Are you unable to join us on the 19th? Good news – you can join us Sunday, September 20th on our Facebook page for a Watch Party of the previous day’s Myositis Empower Walk. And this is another day to Take Action and share your Myositis Empower Walk Moments publicly on social media or on our MyositisLIFE.org website.

Myositis Empower Walk, In Memory of Robert "Bob" Landman

About The Landman Family

When Robert “Bob” Landman became ill he was misdiagnosed several times. When he finally got the diagnosis of dermatomyositis, it was too late for any of the medications to be effective and Bob passed away due to complications.

Since, Gladys, Jenna, Lauren, and Chad have been involved to help MSU promote awareness and raise money to continue to further our mission.

What a great legacy Bob leaves for other patients continuing to fight this rare disease.

Read “Our Dad was More Than His Dermatomyositis” to learn more about Bob Landman.

If you have lost a loved one with myositis, share their information with us to be included in MSU’s Annual “A Day of Remembrance” video event. We want to publicly remember those we have lost.

Why did you create the Myositis Empower Walk?

The Landman’s shared, “We started the Myositis Empower Walk to inspire people to support MSU’s mission and to create a safe space for patients and caregivers alike. Our goal is to raise funds to continue to provide financial support for patients and to support research to better understand myositis, find treatments, and one day a cure.”

Lauren Landman answers, “Why do I find it so important to better our awareness and education of rare illnesses such as Myositis?”

The answer to that is quite simple, it’s because my family and I lost our dad to dermatomyositis. The severe physical pain and emotional stress he had to live with while struggling to find answers was unimaginable. Watching your parent go from being completely able-bodied, to sick and unable to care for himself in just six months is something I can not put into words. Perhaps, the most frightening part of this whole experience was that he was misdiagnosed multiple times thus delaying potential treatments that could have saved his life.

The lack of knowledge and understanding of Myositis in the medical community is detrimental and quite frankly, unacceptable. I wish simply to shed light on what needs to be changed in order to prevent others from experiencing the pain my dad endured.

I do not say this with anger nor resentment but rather, passion and love in honor of my dad, Robert Landman. Although it saddens my family and I deeply to know he had so much more of his life to live, it gives us happiness to know his story can help others.

Photos from the 2019 Myositis Empower Walk

Hosted by The Landman Family, in memory of Bob Landman

The Myositis Empower Walk and Myositis EmpoweRun 5K were created in loving memory of Robert “Bob” Landman by his family to help Myositis Support and Understanding continue with its important patient-centered work.

The first Myositis Empower Walk hosted by the Landman family was held on May 19, 2019, in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. MSU VP Lynn Wilson was able to attend and share the work we are doing with the supporters in attendance. 

Host your own Empower Walk

Contact us today to start planning a Myositis Empower Walk or Myositis EmpoweRun 5K in your city or state. 

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