Prescription Assistance Programs

There are times when we may need financial assistance for the prescription drugs we take to treat Myositis. We have included a list of some popular programs that may be able to help.

Rx Outreach
Rx Outreach is a fully-licensed nonprofit mail-order pharmacy. MSU members have reported to us that this is a great resource for lower cost medications.
To enroll, visit

Rituxan Co-pay Assistance Program
For Rituxan patients
Phone: (877) 436-3683

For Gammaplex IVIG patients

Patient Advocate Foundation
A pharmaceutical co-payment assistance program for insured patients suffering from chronic pain (866) 512-3861

Needy Meds

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Search for prescription assistance programs by state
(888) 4PPA – NOW

Lilly Cares
Program of Eli Lilly to help indigent patients without insurance. Requires no fees.
(800) 545-6962

Together RX Access
Patient assistance program for those who do not have drug coverage. Amount of assistance is dependent on total household income.
(800) 444-4106

Astra Zeneca
Foundation Patient Assistance Program
Provides medications free to qualifying
(800) 424-3727

The Medicine Program
(866) 694-3893

Patient assistance program
(800) 277-2254

(877) 979-4673

Free Drug Card Program

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