Support for The Myositis Community

We provide support options for all involved in the myositis community, most notably for myositis patients and caregivers. We have support options that make sense for those living with Myositis, thus likely to have difficulty with mobility. We bring the support directly to you!

Educational Support

Empowering the Myositis Community

At Myositis Support and Understanding, we care about you. In an effort to ensure all patients and caregivers have access to support options that make sense with mobility and time restraints that are often a part of life with myositis, we have created several support programs.

MSU started with support. From a small Facebook group in 2010 to now a fully autonomous patient-centered nonprofit organization, we have grown to meet the needs of the myositis community. We bring the support to where you are most comfortable, whether on Facebook, on our website, or by video and phone, we provide you with the same great educational, informational, and emotional support you deserve.

Support options that make sense for Myositis patients

Myositis Support Options

Closed Groups for your privacy

Providing three closed Facebook Support Groups
that stand apart from others in how we engage with
our members. We are patients too!

Live, Online Video Support

Monthly live online video support sessions
you can join with video or by phone. Meet others
living with the same type of myositis as you.

Connect with others in The Myositis Community

The Myositis Community Network provides our members with
an on-site social networking experience.

See what our members are saying about our Myositis support groups

I have spent many sleepless nights recognizing the commonality we have in such a diversified world of our disease. There are so many ways to live well and choices we have now due to this group. Keeping abreast is the only way for me to make sure I am headed down my path of life with positivism. Thank you, group!

Learning through shared experiences
, MSU Facebook group member

This group has given me so many new friends who are going through the same symptoms that I have. We all can relate to each other on how we feel, whether it’s happiness, sadness, sick, or depressed. I look forward to logging on and talking with everyone

Have made new friendships
Facebook group member

I am a terribly private person, who is not very good at expressing myself, so social media is not something I normally embrace. This page has been a lifeline during the darkest times in my life. When the doctors don’t listen, don’t know, or don’t care, this page has been an incredible source of information. When friends and family can’t possibly understand, this group of people has been an inspiring source of support. At the very least it is a blessing not to feel so alone.

A lifeline in my darkest days
Facebook group member

This group is my go to place. I go here when I’m happy or when I’m sad. I go here to see how my friends are feeling and share in their hope, joy, pain and sorrow. I always find love and support in the light and in the darkness.

Love and support
Facebook group member

This group of wonderful people took me in when was lost and alone and unsure of where to turn with Myositis. They educated me, cared for me and my family. They inspired and supported me and gave me a place to turn in the dark days. They gave me a place to vent when I was down on myself and depressed. They gave me a place to come when I needed to share my accomplishments and cheered me on. There is no way I could repay them for all they have done to give me the spirit to go on. As far as I’m concerned they’re as much of my family as my wife and children. God Bless them all.

Group took me in when I was lost and alone
Facebook group member

I love this group because no one can understand what we are going through except us. When we write negative things, someone out there can relate and it makes the reader know they are not alone. When we write positive things, it gives reader hope. The fact it is online 24/7 and we can connect from all over on our time, in the comfort of our home is priceless. No wasting energy to connect with others. You can sit in your bed and be part of a supportive group. I love this group and have healed a lot through others stories.

Supportive group, always available
Facebook group member

I may not have energy to post everyday but I love reading other’s posts and being a part of their journey. The site is positive when all that’s happening to us can be very negative.

A Positive group
Kim Brooks, DM/Cancer Survivor

There are times when I get up and just need a pick me up from life dealing with DM and this is the one place where I know I’ll find motivation. I don’t know what I’d do without all the wonderful people within this group. It’s hard for me to get my feelings and thoughts about what I deal with to my family and friends, though I know they care, they just don’t fully understand! I love this group so much for being a positive blessing in my life!

One place where I find motivation
Facebook group member

I have DM and this group has given me a place to turn when things get rough. Everyone on this site has a story to tell and they will share their experiences with all. We have cried and laughed together, shared pictures of our pets and families, and given a lot of encouragement to each other.

Facebook group member

This group has helped me thru some dark days.. The people care not only about themselves but everyone else. They don’t judge you or shun you when you are having a bad day and just want to vent. Without this group I would still very alone and isolated in my disease. Jerry and [admins] are such wonderful leaders and a true inspiration to all.

True inspiration
Facebook group member

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