PSG+MSU+You: Your Role in the World of Diagnostics

Since the start of our partnership with Plasma Services Group (PSG) in 2019, they have had over 100 donors participate!

Our work together with PSG is built on trust, transparency, and patients first! We are proud to continue working with PSG and we hope you will learn more and consider being compensated for giving blood or plasma for medical research.

During the LIVE Gift Card Giveaway, we also learned how your donations are making an impact on myositis research.

Below is the letter PSG shared with us highlighting how important it is for people living with myositis to give blood or plasma including examples of what your samples are being used for.

Letter from PSG to the MSU Community

In 2019, samples that PSG collected from the MSU community were shipped to diagnostic researchers across the country and around the world. PSG promoted our Myositis samples heavily and received continual requests from R&D departments for more samples.
In an effort to help identify new myositis Biomarkers, PSG donated samples to an eminent auto-immune researcher in Japan for an immunoprecipitation experiment.

Plasma collected from the myositis community was also used to establish an auto-antibody standard for an international committee dedicated to improving autoimmune diagnostics. The same committee is currently evaluating another plasma collection from the MSU community for use as a standard for autoimmune diagnostic labs.

Although most research efforts pivoted to COVID-19 in 2020, PSG still provided rare myositis plasma to labs for proficiency testing and quality programs that ensure labs meet diagnostic standards.

Throughout 2021, PSG also provided Myositis plasma to diagnostic kit manufacturers so they could continue to use the material to make an essential component in the kits, known as controls. Without controls, labs cannot ensure that diagnostic tests are run correctly.

Late in 2021, PSG was approached by a large pharmaceutical company interested in myositis Biomarker discovery and possibly tracking treatment outcomes.

PSG is grateful to the MSU community for their dedication to IVD research and diagnostic improvement. Without you, none of this would be possible.

Thank you for making a difference and advancing research!

Be compensated for giving blood or plasma for myositis research

If you are interested, complete the online donor form here: Remember to select Myositis Support & Understanding under the referral drop down!

Watch PSG+MSU+You: Your Role in the World of Diagnostics

Plasma Services Group (PSG) joined us for a live video discussion about donating plasma for medical research and in the making of diagnostic test kits. Watch the recording to learn more about how you can impact myositis research and be compensated. Find slides and additional information here.



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