Share your #MyositisLIFE

Myositis Awareness Month, May 2016

For Myositis Awareness Month, 2016

Share your stories and original creations to raise awareness about what #MyositisLIFE looks like! Help MSU show the world that even though we have Myositis, it doesn’t have to control everything about us. This is your chance to shine! Are you a song writer? An Artist? A poet? Do you have photos of your kids and dogs you want to share with us? Does your family want to make a video talking about some obstacles you have overcome, as a family? Do you want to tell us about your favorite vacation? Take us on a tour of your favorite park? Show us your backyard where you relax? We want to see and hear about your life! Whether it involves Myositis or not, we want to hear all about it and see your creations!

All through May we will be sharing your stories and original songs, photos, art, poetry, stories, videos, articles, blogs, etc. all across our social media platforms to form a mosaic of what #MyositisLIFE looks like! We know sometimes it is happy and sometimes it is sad but it is all a part of #MyositisLIFE! Remember, prizes will be given out for the #MyositisLIFE posts with the most social media “likes” and “interactions.”

Please note MSU has the right to deny approval on submissions based on topics including but not limited to: sexually explicit material, personal attacks, religious proselytizing, and political electioneering. The full terms are available at the end of the form.

As Myositis Awareness Month is over, if you wish to share your story, video, photos, etc. of your life with Myositis, please use our “Share your story page” by using the button below.

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