Myositis Get Well Program

Myositis Get Well Program

Get Well Cards

We are not a nonprofit that takes your money and then does nothing to keep in touch or to help you directly. We have a heart.

We care about our members, and of course, we worry when someone is not doing well. When we are made aware that a Myositis patient is not feeling well, or is in the hospital, we will send out a get well card to help inspire them to keep fighting! It may seem like a small gesture, but we have found it means a lot to our members.

We know that there are patients out there who have less than optimal support and we want them to realize they are not alone. This is a small way of letting them know.

If you know someone who needs a card, please contact us with the name, mailing address (whether it is a home address or hospital), and any other details that would help us tailor the card to them.

We have found this seemingly small gesture truly brings joy to the patient.

Let us know of someone needing a get well card

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Get your Zebra Shirts & Hoodies Today!

Campaign for Myositis Awareness Month, May 2017

Purchasing a shirt from this booster will help us, Myositis Support and Understanding, with our many patient support programs, education, financial assistance for patients and upcoming programs.

This year, 2017, Myositis Support and Understanding’s awareness month theme is “Sometimes Zebras have spots!” We want to raise awareness about how the experiences, symptoms, and complications of this rare disease are different, even among the patients with the same disease. Doctors are now trained, when you hear hoof beats, look for zebras (rarities), instead of horses (common ailments); when in the past, they only looked for the most common ailments.


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