Ellen Armour and I, our life with Polymyositis

Our lives with Polymyositis

Stan Armour shares the life of being married to his wife, a patient with #polymyositis, for Myositis Awareness Month, and MSU’s #MyositisLIFE project 

My wife Ellen and I started this unexpected, wild ride in April of 1992, surprisingly, months right after we were married in October, 1991. She has been a trooper throughout it all, never swaying in her desire to take the best care of herself that she can.  She was officially diagnosed with polymyositis in October 1992.

In the beginning, when we both knew basically nothing of polymyositis and all its tentacles and were learning on our feet, Ellen would be attuned to anything and everything possible. Throughout those years, Ellen would try anything new, even volunteering with things that were not yet sure to work, in hope of reaching success of health from polymyositis. I, on the other hand, after enough time, started to take a long view, one where I could be prepared for anything we might need.

Even through today, like then, Ellen is still a fighter, always pushing the envelope and continually searching. She has always taken great care of herself and, after the diagnosis, took on an even more healthy eating lifestyle. The way she goes about her business is inspirational. She’s up on all new medical possibilities yet still runs a household and is a great Mom to our two young adults, now 19 & 17. She may not be 100% but you would never know it from her demeanor.

The best thing I can say about Ellen is, outside of the amazing love I feel for her still today, even more now than the day I met her years ago, is that she cares about everything and everyone, from the kids to the dogs, throughout the house and to everything else. While not every day is a good day, if you don’t ask, she’d never tell you. I’d just wish that everyone else impacted by this disease could learn to follow and live Ellen’s motto of “peace, hope and love” in order to live their lives as well as she has made our lives.

Author: Stan Armour



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