Complications of Myositis

Myositis, as with most autoimmune diseases,  is a complex illness where each patient presents differently and where most patients never experience the same symptoms or presentation of the illness.

There are some distinct complications with Myositis to watch for and some that are not listed here because the list can include so many things. Whether it is heart, gastrointestinal, or lung, some complications are more serious than others.  We ask that you please contact your doctor as soon as you begin experiencing symptoms that are new for you.

Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia, a complication of pulmonary aspiration, is a lung infection that develops after you aspirate (inhale) food, liquid, saliva, or vomit into your lungs. You can also aspirate food or liquid from your stomach that backs up into your esophagus. If you are not able to cough up the aspirated material, bacteria can grow in your lungs and cause a serious infection.

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Dysphagia means trouble swallowing. Learn more about Dysphagia, general tips, treatment approaches, and how a Speech Therapist may help.  Dysphagia can be a dangerous complication causing choking and aspiration pneumonia (see more about aspiration pneumonia)

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What is Raynaud's Phenomenon?


Those with Raynaud’s Phenomenon may experience numbness, tingling, prickling,
and/or painful sensations and can see color changes in the skin; mainly in the hands and feet.

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Myositis-Cancer Connection

There are increased risks of cancer with Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis. Learn more about cancer and Myositis, and how cancer screenings may help to catch anything early on to avoid severe complications.

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Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) is a broad term used to describe a variety of conditions characterized by the scarring of lung tissue. Learn more about ILD and the anti-JO 1 antibody.

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