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Check out the various ways you can get involved with MSU to help make a difference in the lives of Myositis patients and caregivers, as well as other beneficial ways to help MSU continue moving forward with our mission and patient-centered programs.

Group Admin

Do you enjoy helping others not feel alone in their myositis journey? Do you have 30-45 minutes twice a day to spare? Join us as a group administrator for our outstanding groups that have helped other since 2010. Fill out the form to get started!

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Volunteers are the heart of MSU. We are an all volunteer-managed nonprofit and are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to join our team. Visit our volunteer page to apply and start making a difference.

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Board of Directors

Do you have an interest in joining our volunteer Board of Directors? We are currently seeking medical and scientific advisors, as well as those with experience in marketing, finance, and fundraising. Join a growing team!

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Help Advoc8 & Educ8

Learn more about how you can help Advoc8 and Educa8 others about Myositis, MSU, and related topics. Education is key and we put Knowledge in Action.

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Share your story

We learn best from the experiences of others. Share your Myositis or caregiver story with us today to be featured on our website and social networks. Your story will make a difference!

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Launch a Fundraiser

Launch your own fundraiser to benefit MSU. Personal fundraisers are fun, educational, and bring in a large audience. Share your fundraiser with us so we can help you make it the very best it can be!

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Effortless Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help a nonprofit like MSU. Some of them are effortless on your part. Check out the many ways you can help support us and share them with your friends.

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Make a Donation

Nonprofits simply cannot exist without funding. Make a financial contribution today to help MSU continue moving forward with patient-centered programs.

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Participate in Social Networking

Like, Follow, and Share our social networking sites to get involved and help spread the word about Myositis, Overlaps, caregiving, and more.

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Get your Zebra Shirts & Hoodies Today!

Campaign for Myositis Awareness Month, May 2017

Purchasing a shirt from this booster will help us, Myositis Support and Understanding, with our many patient support programs, education, financial assistance for patients and upcoming programs.

This year, 2017, Myositis Support and Understanding’s awareness month theme is “Sometimes Zebras have spots!” We want to raise awareness about how the experiences, symptoms, and complications of this rare disease are different, even among the patients with the same disease. Doctors are now trained, when you hear hoof beats, look for zebras (rarities), instead of horses (common ailments); when in the past, they only looked for the most common ailments.


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