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Some helpful resources for using our website

Our website contains some advanced member features that may take a little training to learn how to use effectively. So, we have put together this help section to offer you some of the how-to information you may need.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about using our site.  You are never alone in this!

Help using Myositis Community

How to use the Myositis Network

We have created a presentation for you to watch about how to use our new Myositis Network feature on our website. It’s just a social network, on our website, strictly for Myositis.

Help with Network Features
We use Zoom.us for Video Chats

How to use our Video Chat Support

Video Chats are rather easy to use with out new Zoom.us platform. Learn the brief registration process, what to expect next, and then wait for your email with the custom information.

Help with Video Chat
MSU Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions so we have put together a few of the most frequently asked questions and provided some answers and links to resources on our site where you can find more detailed information. We will continue to add more as they are made known to us.

General FAQ's
MSU Group Member Advertising

About Member Advertising

See what makes MSU member advertising different from commercial advertising as well as learn what plans we offer, the pricing, and what you get in return. Signing up for this is optional, while general membership is always free. Our members have spoken and we have listened.

Visit Member Advertising

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