Juvenile Myositis

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Juvenile Myositis (JM or JDM for Juvenile Dermatomyositis) is a rare autoimmune disease that affects about 5,000 children in the United States and causes a variety of debilitating symptoms including muscle weakness and pain, severe fatigue, rashes, digestive difficulties, lung and heart problems, vasculitic ulcers, calcinosis and lipodystrophy.

Currently there is no cure, but some symptoms can be alleviated with the uses of off-label drugs, and some children experience a remission while others will battle JM for life. Complications from this disease and the medications used to control the symptoms can be serious and sometimes fatal. For more information about Juvenile Myositis, visit www.CureJM.org. #myositis #jdm #curejm @ Cure JM Foundation


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