My Myositis Story

My Myositis Story

My Myositis Story

by Guest Author, Lakita Smith

Hey, my name is Lakita Smith and I’ve been dealing with my rare disease for about three years, going on four.

I found out in June 2013 that I had lupus, and then around December 2014 I went in to the hospital and found out that I have dermatomyositis.

It’s been hard for me to do different things but I still have my strength and I try to do something different everyday. My muscles hurts at times and I get out of breath, but I use my inhaler.

As part of the dermatomyositis, I also have lung disease along with the muscle disease. All these diseases are a mix and a part of living with dermatomyositis.

I am living life just right and looking forward to the future when one day my doctor tells me that I don’t have this disease anymore!

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