Picture This, Myositis Will Not Win

Picture This, an original poem by Lekiha

Lekiha shares her poem, “Picture This, Myositis Will Not Win” for Myositis Awareness Month and MSU’s #MyositisLIFE project. 

Picture This, Myositis Will Not Win

Am I reduced to beautiful memories encapsulated in a frame,
Years of accomplishments and achievements so exquisitely, they hang,
Front and center for others to view,
what about what isn’t seen in what I’m going through.

In the shadows of the night,
Hidden from others sight,
Invisible to the naked eye,
Silently unheard, I cry,
Buried behind walls of bones and muscles secrets are retained,
Weakness and destruction continually inescapable, unseen pain,
Is this the way my story will end
Held hostage from within
Reduced to memories encapsulated in a frame
Covered in dust, faded remembrances of an unrecognized name
deteriorating from the inside out
muffled raspy voice silenced, unable to shout
victimized by kin
tortured from within

War is raged I refuse to lose the fight
Internal battle day and night
So, no this is not how my story will end
until my last breath my life I’ll defend
documenting the journey, chapter by chapter its one hell of a ride
knowing through it all God hasn’t left my side
So I won’t lose courage, no faded hope
Give up, give in… NOPE,

For those who want to know how my story end,
Sit back and relax for there will be an amazing testimony by then.



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